Love's Trail Mix

by Lyric Jones

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    Artwork by Roland Nicol

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Love’s Trail Mix is Lyric’s second official release and she came up with the title as a way to paint the picture of how multi-faceted love is. Lyric states “love can be complicated, happy, confused, beautiful, angry, disappointing and magical all at the same time. Trail Mix has a lot of different flavors and textures—but it is still an appealing snack.” Love’s Trail Mix tells stories of love from various perspectives, but it is short and sweet and parallels the “Trail Mix” metaphor.


released 22 April 2014
1 “Tired” (feat. Daniel ”SkyHigh” McClain)
(J. Clinton, D. McClain) Prod. by Lyric Jones
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/Kru Bassa Man (ASCAP)

2 “Magnetic”
(J. Clinton, C. Presley) Prod. By “Illa-Jones”
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/ Illastrate Productions (ASCAP)

3 “Listen, C’mon” (feat. DMT)
(J Clinton, D. Jefferson) Prod. by Backpack Beatz
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/Backpack Beatz Publishing (BMI)
*Additional Vox by David Michael Taylor

4 “Off Limits”
(J. Clinton, J. Gary) Prod. CultureStarter
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/CultureStarter Publishing (SESAC)

5 “Music & Love”
(J. Clinton, C. Presley) Prod. by Illastrate
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/ Illastrate Productions (ASCAP)

6 “Tired” (feat. Russell Gunn)
(J. Clinton, A. Parham, R. Gunn) Prod. by Phelonious Dre
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)/Andre Parham Publishing (BMI)/Groid Music Publishing (SESAC)

7 “Done” (“Tired” reprise)
Prod. By KuroiOto

8 “Spectacle”
(J.Clinton, B. Ellis, A. Wise) Prod. by Raydar Ellis
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC) /Gimme My Damn Check Publishing (ASCAP)
*Additional Guitar by Lee Turley, Trumpet by Akhil Gopal

Mixing: Corey “Illastrate” Presley (tracks 1, 2, 5) & Isaac “Iceman” Romero (Tracks 3, 4, 6, 8
All songs recorded at The Mint Room Studios in Glendale, CA (except tracks 5 & 7)
All mastering: Yamin Semali
Executive Producers: Lyric Jones & Corey “Illastrate” Presley
Art Design & Layout: Roland Nicol

© Jones 4 Lyric Publishing, All Rights Reserved

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Track Name: Tall feat. Daniel "SkyHigh" McClain
Verse 1: All his life it was like his was in the clouds
The world as monopoly pieces, homie was looking down
never standing in the front, blocking the crowd
skinny during puberty, ha look at him now
Track Name: Magnetic
(Hook x2)
Just a touch of love, a lil' bit
Just a touch of you...

I'm zoned out at the edge of the stage
I see you in the back, steady tryna remember ya name
Those the same green eyes that I recall
When I had the microphone here last fall
So a full four seasons, nothing sweet when you sleep
For no reason, spit the last bar and barely still breathin'
Blink twice, I'm not believin', you in the crowd, it's gettin' loud
The people leavin' , I look around, don't see you
After the pics with fans, still don't see you
PEACE to my band, they talkin' bout waffle-house and after hour plans
While this strange coincidence. I'm tryna comprehend
Collected my dividends, scan the 5-2-9 right before they expand
Upon my exit, a black Coupe pulled in front the venue
A dark tint, turn to green eyes with a side smile on the menu
Even remember the time, was ten past two
Before I knew it, I was chillin' in the passenger
That ill magnetic, the law of attraction first

(Hook x2)
Just a touch of love, a lil' bit
Just a touch of you...

You was a gentleman, drove me to my car right around the block
At Glennwood and Joseph behind the crosswalk
You park, I start to to grin cause you was nervous
And curious, cause shit, you could work for secret service
"So why you followin' me" I asked, homie laughed
"You a artist, baby, all yo shows are on blast"
I chuckled, we both knew that it was different
Same as before, I felt my heart beat shiftin'
When I used to hear that in songs, it sounded corny
But when it's real, it make you crazy till the next mornin'
Now we sittin' here, adornin', gettin' overwhelmed
A little horny, you say till Christmas you'll be still tourin'
I locked the math in this time, you did the same
then reassured me quality time when you return
Gave me a forehead kiss and made my whole body yearn

(Hook x2)
Just a touch of love, a lil' bit
Just a touch of you...