by Lyric Jones

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Produced by Giallo Point, the track "Fettuccine" is titled as a metaphor, Jones says "Fettuccine Alfredo dishes are known for being heavy and leaves you full. It's a very dense dish. That's how I'm coming at cats with these bars on this...HEAVY".

This is the 1st single of Lyric Jones & Giallo Point forthcoming EP, "Acquired Taste"

Directed by Lyric Jones
Shot & Edited by Dirty Diggs

Music Video:


Verse 1
I'm guilty of being sensitive/
I'm not apologizing for these sentences/
The fake love got me exhausted/
And at this point I see sucka shit too often/
uh, Yeah I hear you niggas talking/
Mad cuz im jay walking, while niggas wait at a light to tell you it’s safe to cross and
I'm my own boss, they offended by my posture /
In the home lab with the fettuccine pasta/
trying not to focus on it poured a glass of vodka/
Bars only, how appropriate/
I’m tryna make ends meet, y’all for the trophy shit/
The hookie pokey shit/want me to move it all around/
But really moving all around looks like shows outta town/
Friday nights, they wanna get down to doo doo brown/
Meanwhile I’m at the crib polishing my crown/
Head on a swivel like how ex cons do it/
Using this teaching thing as a conduit/
After the cha-ching like my moms Jewish/
They use my words to preserve the dead embalming fluid
Just do it, so where the checks?/
All you know it all execs/
I’m out in prague, the Czech
60 thou, next /back in the LA in 12 hours/
sights went to Montclair from eddie bauer/

Trying tattoo my passport, like cory henry/
Want a dozen in my squad that keep it funky for the memories/
Every move is apostolic, cuz they adhering to a goddess/
They say ladies is only known for getting brolic/
they say we difficult, naw we just see your intentions is diabolic/
disregard my talent for the physical
I can call it/
yall typical, but still make my stomach turn
ya straight colic/

Verse 2
niggas be gossiping more than bitches do/
rap dudes is cry babies on low/
bungie jumping to conclusions
then bounce back on a another man dick?/
but to me was talking mad shit?/
guess its courtesy of the ropes/
They say I’m feisty cuz hold heads accountable/
Cowardly moves man I never been compatible/
Keeping real ones around seems insurmountable/
Common courtesy of folks it seems radical/
Cut from the fabric, where keeping your word issa habit/
Niggas got me tripping, like my room is padded/
Watching OGs jumping on bandwagons/
Whole ass out, whether or not they got they pants sagging/

What I utter is too clean/
verbal pristene hygiene/
on my soap box, washin raps scene since 15/
Now I'm jaded by the smokescreens/
these gimmicky machines/
same small talk routine, still no team/
yall ALL can save the fuck shit for the latrines/
All the subs, the line in between/
My gut aint never lied to me, nah mean?


released July 12, 2019
Prod. by Giallo Point


all rights reserved


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