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released March 25, 2020

*All tracks written by Lyric Jones (J. Clinton)
Bars Only Entertainment LLC
Jones 4 Lyric Publishing (SESAC)

*All tracks produced by Giallo Point

Skyzoo appears courtesy of FGR LLC
Rudy For Real Publishing (BMI)
Written by Gregory S. Taylor



all rights reserved


WB cartoons ,youngin
with my bowl honey nut Cheerios
My favorite part was the intro
Try and take over the world said pinky & Brain
Funny cuz at a young age I had the same mindframe
Hamster in the wheel, symbolic of these past years
Going thru the motions, y’all see pictures But not my last tears
Outta gas here
Going nowhere fast fears
Hit 30 my anxiety hit the Dash, it’s weird
I see my growth but still feeling at a stand still
It’s hard to cope when your folks don’t understand the real
The dumb shit we do to pay bills
The not knowing
Just tryna do gods will and keep my rhymes flowing
Then i got clown niggas out blue lusting on me
Consistent for a month or two I started trusting homie
*got real comfy with me, moved west, then dude got phoney
Even strong queens ignore the red flags when we lonely
Had to remember I am muhfuckin L Jonesy
Grace Jones of Rap, facts. the one and only
Arrogant if my confidence meets ya insecurities
My rates went up, thank the last few for curving me
Hard to vent
When ya apprehension made sense then lack of Discernment had me ashamed to grab my ink pen
Can’t blame him or them
I get quiet
Looking at these left over pain pills like should I try it
Somehow I fight it
Many don’t though
My heart is dusty
what many don’t know
Now i don’t let no one touch me
It’s rare but The rain coming down hardbody
My Trench is Armani
But underneath is forever 21 still
Can’t wait to drop a stack on just one meal
And bless the ones that had my back while I been running
tryna cross the line scrimmage, touchdown are comings
With this it’s no rap acrobatics
No bar theatrics, just raw out the package
Sift through racket
Quantity low
But my quality overflows
Lord knows, I bare it all at every show
Overlooked, maybe I’m too professional
Left some impression so, now I move intentional
I turn features into US tour asks Rashia
Y’all standing behind closed doors like why she up
With ya feet up
I’m a decade in y’all should read up
Or maybe D up
I’m bout to re-up

y’all me fucked up
Verse 1
I'm guilty of being sensitive/
I'm not apologizing for these sentences/
The fake love got me exhausted/
And at this point I see sucka shit too often/
uh, Yeah I hear you niggas talking/
Mad cuz im jay walking, while niggas wait at a light to tell you it’s safe to cross and
I'm my own boss, they offended by my posture /
In the home lab with the fettuccine pasta/
trying not to focus on it poured a glass of vodka/
Bars only, how appropriate/
I’m tryna make ends meet, y’all for the trophy shit/
The hookie pokey shit/want me to move it all around/
But really moving all around looks like shows outta town/
Friday nights, they wanna get down to doo doo brown/
Meanwhile I’m at the crib polishing my crown/
Head on a swivel like how ex cons do it/
Using this teaching thing as a conduit/
After the cha-ching like my moms Jewish/
They use my words to preserve the dead embalming fluid
Just do it, so where the checks?/
All you know it all execs/
I’m out in prague, the Czech
60 thou, next /back in the LA in 12 hours/
sights went to Montclair from eddie bauer/

Trying tattoo my passport, like cory henry/
Want a dozen in my squad that keep it funky for the memories/
Every move is apostolic, cuz they adhering to a goddess/
They say ladies is only known for getting brolic/
they say we difficult, naw we just see your intentions is diabolic/
disregard my talent for the physical
I can call it/
yall typical, but still make my stomach turn
ya straight colic/

Verse 2
niggas be gossiping more than bitches do/
rap dudes is cry babies on low/
bungie jumping to conclusions
then bounce back on a another man dick?/
but to me was talking mad shit?/
guess its courtesy of the ropes/
They say I’m feisty cuz hold heads accountable/
Cowardly moves man I never been compatible/
Keeping real ones around seems insurmountable/
Common courtesy of folks it seems radical/
Cut from the fabric, where keeping your word issa habit/
Niggas got me tripping, like my room is padded/
Watching OGs jumping on bandwagons/
Whole ass out, whether or not they got they pants sagging/

What I utter is too clean/
verbal pristene hygiene/
on my soap box, washin raps scene since 15/
Now I'm jaded by the smokescreens/
these gimmicky machines/
same small talk routine, still no team/
yall ALL can save the fuck shit for the latrines/
All the subs, the line in between/
My gut aint never lied to me, nah mean?

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